The Joe Browns Challenge

When Charlotte from Simply Be contacted me recently asking if I wanted to review a Joe Browns’ item, I nearly bite her hand off! I LOVE Joe Browns! One of my very first posts and one of my first challenges for the blog were about my love for the brand. I asked if we could make it into a bit of a challenge and I volunteered Wendy, Jo, Gina and Sally to partake.

The item that was picked is this one and the challenge was to style it anyway you wanted. This is how I wore it:

Top – c/o of Simply Be

Jeans – New Look

Cardigan – Joe Browns @ Simply Be

Denim jacket – from Gina

Shoes – New Look

I decided to pick up on the teal in the top and pair it with my teal jeans. The top is 100% cotton and crinkled so its perfect for screwing up and packing in a suitcase! The colours are gorgeous and very much the jewel shades I love. The only thing I didn’t like about the top is the hanky like hem. Its not your typical hanky hem, which hangs down longer at the sides, this hangs down in the front and back as well, but it was my least favourite bit of the whole top. However, I still really like it and I will definitely wear it lots this summer.

The pictures were taken on a very windy – albeit sunny – day in Southwold in Suffolk. The husband and I spent a few days with his family in Suffolk during the jubilee weekend and Southwold was the nearest beach. It was a quaint town but it wasn’t really beach weather and we couldn’t find a fish & chip shop!!

Remember to check out how the other’s styled the top!

Gina –

Jo –

Sally  –

Wendy –

4 thoughts on “The Joe Browns Challenge

  1. Love the pairing with the green jeans and denim jacket! It really does look windy there, still good to know a summer top can layer up well for good old British summer weather!

    w x

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