Fuchsia (definitely not pink).

So here’s the thing – I hate pink. I blame it solely on the fact that from birth until I was old enough to form an opinion, I was dressed head to toe in the colour by my mother. She had been deprived of wearing it as a child due to her colouring (I don’t know why, perhaps due to the fact she was a strawberry blonde and pink clashed??).

Ever since I was old enough I have avoided the colour until I happened across this cardigan:

Cardigan – ASOS via clothes swap

T-shirt – H&M+

Jeans – Joe Browns @ Simply Be

Shoes – crocs

I’m not sure why but it called to me. I like the shape and the knit. It’s a cozy cardigan – not really a summery one although with the weather as it is who knows! However, it’s not pink but fuchsia and it is not an indicator that I will become one of those women – you know pink obsessives. I still hate pink (especially pastel!) but I kinda like this fuchsia one!

Are there any colours you hate?

8 thoughts on “Fuchsia (definitely not pink).

  1. i love this cardigan i really wanted to get it from asos but it was a bit expensive i don’t really hate any colours although i dot really wear a lot of brown xx

  2. oh I love it – looks so snug & the colour just pops. Mmm, colour-wise I guess I’m not too keen on brown – suprisingly as my living room is full of dark oak brown brown but i try to jazz it up with a bit of teal here and there.🙂

  3. I think it’s interesting how you say to hate pink – whereas it’s the colour I always feel at my most “me” in, and most confident. I think I’m one of ‘those’ girls you’re talking about with my pink walls, pink chest of drawers, pink shelves filled with pink plushes haha!😀 I must be a bit of a closet Barbie…

    I loveee the cardigan!!🙂 xxxx

    • You are what my friend and I call a “pink girl” but I don’t have a problem with that! I can be friends with a pink girl as long as you don’t try and dress me in the colour🙂

  4. I LOVE this cardigan, and the colour totally works on you! I’m jealous now, I want it!😀

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