Five Take: Stripes!

A day late with Five Take this week (it’s becoming a regular thing with me – whoops!!). Although, with Rebecca graduating and Nicole moving states, it’s a bit of a Three Take deal at the moment.

Anyway – on with the outfit! This what I wore to work today:

Top – Evans

Skirt – ASOS

Leggings – Evans

Jacket – from Amanda

Shoes – Dorothy Perkins

A pretty dull blah outfit. The skirt is too big and I spent the whole day hauling it up. It is now – sadly – being retired and taken to Katie‘s swap on 26 May. However the bomber jacket is fabulous. It’s from Amanda, we had a bit of a clothes donation – well more of Amanda donated a pair of jeans, the jacket and a t-shirt to me! I really love Amanda’s wardrobe, when I hosted Fat Swap Shop last September, I took most of what she brought (well what I could wrestle from Sally!!). I’ll be keen to see what she brings to Katie’s place.

I might try and blog a couple more times this week – but work is busy and so is my photographer!

Don’t forget to check out what the others are wearing:

Rebecca –

Nicole –

Gina –

Becky –

3 thoughts on “Five Take: Stripes!

  1. I really like how you combined the patterned separates with the solid jacket. It’s a look would definitely copy.

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