Freya, Fantasie & Huit lingerie and swimwear AW12 press event

There were two – actually no make that three –  parts of Plus London that made the biggest noise – the OSP catwalk drama, Anna Scholz and the Elomi bra fitting. Being the host meant that I didn’t manage to say more than “hello” to Holly and the others from Elomi who came, and I certainly didn’t have time to have a fitting.

So when Holly emailed me and asked me attend Eveden’s AW12 press event, I leapt at the chance. I managed to wrangle a day off work and met Em at Charing Cross to attend the event. It was held in the Swarovski Crystallized Café which is opposite Liberty’s off Oxford street. It was my first time EVER to go into Swarovski … it was pretty cool! Em and I trundled upstairs where we were greeted with familiar faces from the Eveden team that attended Plus London and Georgina. We were soon joined by Bets and Lauren.

As well as getting to see some glamourzons in the lingerie I also managed to get a fitting AND my first EVER (it was a day of firsts!) matching lingerie set. Also I have been pretty spot on with my bra size. I continue to be a 40JJ. Here are a few shots of the event…

The new Elomi range – which is now being stocked by Debenhams thanks to Plus London!!

Em hanging out with scantily dressed Amazons! I think she looks the best.

The advertising stands were made of real ice – I touched it to make sure. It was cold.

Lauren, Georgina and Bets all looking lovely

Lauren said something funny.

We all struck our usual model pose …

We told Lauren she couldn’t have a free bra and this was how she looked (joke!)

I loved how Em’s dress matched the cafe perfectly with the crystal embellishment on her shoulders. Perfect.

Finally – this is what I wore:

Stripped top – Evans

Jacket – Simply Be via Gina

Ladybird skirt – made by Kirsty

Bird print scarf – New Look

My new custom made skirt from Kirsty arrived this morning so I had to wear it. I love it – possibly slight more than the first one she made me – but its like choosing between my children so I can’t say 100%! The denim jacket is ever present – it goes with EVERYTHING! Why have I never had one before?!

One last picture, as this has been about lingerie (I have unashamedly stolen this next picture from Georgina’s blog):

Which one are you? I think I’m mailbags/balloons!

16 thoughts on “Freya, Fantasie & Huit lingerie and swimwear AW12 press event

  1. Welcome to the denim jacket tribe, once you’re in you can never leave. It’s an addiction….🙂 looks like a great day, wish I could have made it!

  2. I am in love with the skirt you are wearing, I think I may have to ‘try’ to make a similar one. I am also in love with the blue and red bra and knickers set, I wonder if my mailbags will fit in the bra!

    • Haha! The mailbags might🙂 as for the skirt – its a circle one so apparently quite easy to make! For those that can! I definitely can’t which is why Kirsty is amazing!

  3. Great post, you’ve inspired me to try a bra fitting. After some bad experiences I’ve just sort of made up my size which I’m pretty sure is wrong.

    Lovely ladies all looking beautiful and happy, makes me feel happy to read this piece x

  4. Oooooh the flowery Elomi bra is to die for! :O Gorgeous!

    And I think I’m cupcakes? Hahahaha. x

  5. Really gorgeous outfit – Kirsty’s skirt really is truly gorgeous! Have to say I’m very jealous I wasn’t there, it looks like a really amazing event, and everyone that went looks gorgeous too!

    Have to say that I’m either Watermelons or Cupcakes, I think!

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