Not So Black Magic

Top – Beth Ditto – via Amanda at Fat Swap Shop

Jacket – from Gina

Scarf – from Yours via Plus London 2011

Leggings – Evans

Shoes – New Look

I don’t often wear all black and even when I do, I still end up adding colour – whether its colourful shoes or a scarf. I tend not to wear black any more because when I was THAT fat girl – the sad, unconfident, wallflower one – all I wore was black. Now I find when I do wear black, I tend to feel like that girl again. However on Sunday, I felt like wearing something shapeless and black. We went for lunch at a friends’ house in Reading and for most of the day it was wet and miserable. Therefore black seemed the correct colour to wear!

However, looking back at the pictures, I don’t really like the outfit. It’s not me and I felt frumpy and self conscious all day. I think it was more to do with the association of the colours than the actually outfit. I’m really glad I added the jacket and the scarf to brighten it up!

I have certainly seen the appeal with having a denim jacket – I love the one Gina sent me! I also wore my hair in a different way – less Vulcan like. It’s good to have short hair that can be worn different ways.

8 thoughts on “Not So Black Magic

  1. I love the jacket on you, really suits your blonde hair and scarf. I think you look fab, but I understand your emotional reaction to certain types of clothes or outfits. I’m like that with anything too baggy, reminds me of dressing in mother approved clothes.

  2. I actually really like this outfit, it looks young fun and casual🙂 I like the monochromatic base, I think that would work with any colour though.

  3. I actually really love this outfit, with the jacket and scarf, it lifts it up from just being a ‘blah’ black outfit, and also the blacks aren’t all the exact same shades and textures.

    However, I totally get where you’re coming from. I think for us all, there is always that one outfit that formed our fat girl wallflower days, and to wear it again can evoke those feelings. For me, its a long denim skirt accompanied with some sort of shapeless and usually dark coloured top, topped off with a denim jacket. I was a fan of the triple denim, in fact, as I had platformed denim trainers to boot (Bewitched were at their height, and I kinda loved that look!). But yeah, its why you don’t see me in a denim jacket or gypsy skirts ever!

    But hair still fab. looking good, lovely!

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