Five Take: Nautical

Five Take time again! Just in case you banged your head and forgot what it’s all about, Five Take is where five bloggers (me, Nicole, Gina, Becky and Rebecca) all take one theme and style it our way. This week was the turn of nautical. The theme has been seen before and you can see how I wore it here.

So where better to wear a nautical themed outfit than on an actual ship! Yesterday, the Husband and I braved the elements and boarded the good ship Cutty Sark in Greenwich. We were with his parents for his dad’s birthday but I’m quite bad at museums etc, I like to whizz through and read the odd bit. So I tend to wander off ahead of everyone else and then wait for them at the gift/coffee shop.

Firstly, here’s my outfit:

Anchor vest – ASOS curve 2010

Cardigan – Joe Browns @Simply Be

Denim jacket – from Gina

Trousers – ASOS curve

Boat shoes(!!) – New Look

 The anchor vest was the first ever item I bought from ASOS curve. I wore it a lot when I first got it, packed it away for the winter and then didn’t wear it at all last summer. It very nearly ended up in the eBay bag, but I’m glad I saved it as it’s a lovely top.  I also added my boat shoes! As you can see, I’ve gone for a rather controversial haircut (as always!). I love it, but the husband thinks I look like a little fat Vulcan. I’m taking it as a compliment!!

Plus, I finally got a denim jacket – via Gina – we swapped clothes! I swapped her a skirt for it. I really like it and I was surprisingly warm in it, despite the wind and the rain!

Back to the ship – I haven’t been onboard the Cutty Sark for about 25 years! Its spent the last few years being renovated (and being almost burnt to the ground in a fire!) and it re-opened a couple of days ago. The major difference has been the glass building built around and under the ship, so you can now walk under it and around it. However, I loved being up on deck and spent most of my time up there – taking pictures and pretending I was a Sea Dog (I love boats!). Here are some of my pictures:

New entrance to the ship – you used to walk up the gang-plank!

It was a tea clipper so did most of its voyages between the UK and China in its heyday


A misty Canary Wharf

It’s worth a trip, even if you whizz around the inside bits and head up to the deck (like I did!).

Don’t forget to see what the others have worn:

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6 thoughts on “Five Take: Nautical

  1. Looks like a good time! I love that the anchor is sequined, and I really like your shoes. I’ve tried to get shoes like that multiple times and always feel like they look odd on me for some reason.

  2. I love and adore this look, from the sequined anchor right down to the boat shoes. Although I’d have felt compelled to add a jaunty nautical scarf, which definitely would have been overload, but hey, I’m a fan of the trend!

    Really love the fact you took the pictures on the boat, and I went ‘oooh. ahhh’ over the few tea references, given how tea addicted I am!

    Loving the new hair and brows, missy!

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