Double Bird Print

Anyone who reads this blog and/or follows me on twitter, will know that I have the tiniest of obsessions with bird print. I have LOTS of bird print items hanging in my wardrobe but I have never considered wearing them together – that was until I saw Gabi wearing this outfit. So being the little copycat that I am, I came up with this outfit:

Top – Simply Be

Jacket – New Look

Skirt – Made by Kirsty

I actually really like it and I think I prefer the tunic as a blouse a lot more so I may wear it like this more often. The skirt I got made for me by Kirsty is worn a lot! It goes with so much in my wardrobe, I absolutely love it! I had a woman on the DLR ask me where I had bought it the other day, it gave me great pleasure to say it was a one off made especially for me! I of course passed on Kirsty’s details and I hope she gets a sale out of my gushing smugness.

I am now thinking which other bird print items I own I can pair together – watch this space for more double bird print!

10 thoughts on “Double Bird Print

  1. Looks fab Claire! I too love anything bird print,but anything bird print is hard to get over here in New Zealand,thank goodness for the internet!

  2. Love, love, love, love and love the double bird print. Seriously adore. You look so truly lovely!

    And really, the more bird print I see, the more I want a whole ton in my own wardrobe!

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