Five Take: Maxi Dresses

I’m not sure who came up with this week’s challenge but I like it! I have three maxi dresses – you can see them here, here and here. Today I decided to wear the one I’ve not worn for ages – seeing as I’m wearing the Ruby Rocks one to lounge around the house.

Dress – Ruby Rocks via Val’s blog sale

Cardigan – New Look Inspire

Anyway on to today’s real outfit!

Dress – Evans

Shrug (just seen) – Style369

Cardigan – Joe Browns

Trilby – ASOS

Necklace – gift

I was inspired by Rebecca and her way of making a maxi dress warmer – because today is chilly and wet. So I added the shrug because I wanted to have long sleeves on but also wanted to keep the boobs on show (and to prove to Tracey that I do show off my cleavage!). I then added the cardigan because the shrug is thin t-shirt like material. I love layers!

The last time I wore the dress, I picked up on the jewel greens in it. This time I went for the brown and the more earthy greens. The hat and necklace were a last minute style addition – its kinda boho chic. Although the husband – you know that well known style guru that he is – said I looked like a “country laydee”! On asking for a better explanation his response was “You know, a lady of the country persuasion.”… I have no words!

Anyway back to the outfit – I really like it! The hat is the husband’s but we have fought over it ever since it arrived last summer. No doubt I will have to buy my own – or him another one – this summer. I was warm and I felt pretty cool.

Also I added ankle boots – ones I had forgotten I had! – to keep up with the wintry theme (Becky and I are in pretty similar outfits – great minds et al). I can’t believe I forgot about the boots but its like having new items when you rediscover something…well it is to me!

I’ve added this last picture because I like it – MORE RAIN! Although, I kinda like wet lazy Sundays.

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25 thoughts on “Five Take: Maxi Dresses

  1. Thank you for the mention! The bossom is looking lovely! I love a maxi dress – it’s great way to enjoy the sun (non existent at the moment) without having to shave our legs every other day. I love the way they can be dressed up or down and are so comfortable to wear. Good choice this week ladies🙂

  2. I am SUCH a fan of this outfit – it looks great on you! I love the way you combined the shrug and the warmer short-sleeved cardigan, I think the layers and the colors really compliment each other and the dress and necklace are great!

  3. Hey girl, i love the first maxidress, really suits you.
    Nice shoes on the second one…and i can only dream about a cleavage like that🙂

  4. I have that exact birdcage maxi dress and i ALSO wear it as pyjamas!

    Im thinking of hemming it above knee length though.

  5. i never liked maxi dresses but this outfit is amazing! also, i used to have the ankle boots in black. two pairs, actually. but i walked them to an early grave😦

  6. You are really rocking the maxi. You look amazing in all of them but I soo love the first one. I need that dress!!

  7. Really love both of the maxis on you, although I think the second one is more ‘you’ and the colours are divine on you to boot!

    However, don’t think I’ll ever be a proper maxi-dress convert!

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