Un peu Parisienne!

So having bought the same pair of trousers (blue cigarette ones from New Look), Gina and I set ourselves a mini fashion challenge. The challenge was a simple one – we both style and wear the trousers and blog about it. I did a similar thing with Naomi recently and she looked LOADS better in the dress.

So here is my outfit:

Jacket – New Look

Shirt – Frock and Frill @ Simply Be

Trousers – New Look

Shoes – Dorothy Perkins

Scarf – New Look

Hands down this is my all time favourite outfit. I look how I always want to look – smart, sophisticated, chic and well, un peu Parisienne!

I have had to resist buying the jacket in navy as well – I already have it in black! I have a real thing for blazers at the moment and these ones are light weight enough to not feel stuffy but as warm as cardigans. I love grey and peach as a colour combination, so when I saw the scarf, I knew I had to have it! Especially because it has … yes you guessed it – birds on it ! I clearly have a problem! As for the trousers, as Gina said recently on Twitter, I have never met a pair of New Look trousers that don’t fit me perfectly. It is very true. All I want now is for these trousers to come in grey and I am sorted.

My love for Inspire continues – it’ll have a quiet period and then BAM! the site will be full of items I *must* have! My bank balance looks like I’m donating money to New Look sometimes.

Do you have an outfit that just makes you feel amazing? If so why?

Don’t forget to go and see how Gina styled her trousers.

12 thoughts on “Un peu Parisienne!

  1. You look lovely – very chic. Hope Mr Chatterymonkey is dressing accordingly😉
    I think my amazeballs (is that what the kids say?) outfit would be my Zandra Rhodes tunic/dress. I’ve even ordered another one from Simply Be with the huge discount code that was doing the rounds, had to be done.🙂

  2. I LOVE this outfit. Such gorgeous colours!

    I love inspire, their stuff is always reasonably priced and a good fit for me. I’ve been eyeing up some colours skinny jeans from them lately.

    • The coloured skinnies are brilliant! I have my green and brick red ones and I LOVE them! I keep looking at the purple ones but I honestly I have so many pairs of jeans! I need to down size!

  3. I love these trousers! I have problems with trousers thanks to sway back, but I end up always wearing them with longer jumpers to cover the resultant “builders cleavage” which eventuates. Will have to try this look! Looks so great on you.

  4. You look stunning in this post. Really stunning.
    And as you say – smart and chic too.
    The colour combination is just spot-on.
    Grey and Peach baby!

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