Five Take: Work Rest and Play

I came up with this week’s Five Take challenge and I stole it unashamedly from one of Gok’s TV shows (I think it was Fashion Fix but honestly, I can’t really remember!). In the show Gok would make his willing fashion victim pick an outfit they would wear to work, to play and to rest and then he would tell them what was wrong with it. He would then proceed to put them in a dress, six inch heels and wide waist belt – regardless of their shape, size or style!

However, I am sure you will agree that me, Nicole, Gina, Becky and Rebecca are all fabulous fatshionistas and we don’t need anyone to tell us how to dress. But I wanted to see what we all looked like in the three main areas of our wardrobe.


As you all know (and are likely very bored of hearing), my office is pretty relaxed on what we can wear. However, due to my role, I do try and dress professionally (ish!). This is a typical work outfit – smart but casual:

Trousers – ASOS curve

Blouse – Evans via eBay

Kimono jacket – ASOS via eBay

Loafers – Dorothy Perkins

When I put this outfit on the other day, the Husband was like “why are you wearing your pajamas to work? Is it for charity?”…I had to explain these weren’t my pajamas and seeing as he sleeps next to me every night, when was the last time I wore this outfit to bed?! He believed that the outfit was very loose and pajama like. Do I look like I’m in my nightwear? I don’t think so! He does have some funny ideas! But looking back at the photos it was a kind of baggy outfit – but that’s fine! Sometimes baggy is required.

I got the blue chinos in the ASOS sale last summer. I bought them because I’d seen Kendi (one of my style inspirations) wear these trousers. There not quite as BLUE as Kendi’s but they are comfy and can be dressed up or down – so they’re a win in my book.


When I don’t have to be anywhere I am an utter slob when it comes to clothes! As soon as I get home after work I put my PJs straight on. One to be comfy but also two (and most importantly) so I don’t ruin my nice clothes when I’m cooking/cleaning/eating. So here are my PJs!

Jumper – Evans

Spotty t-shirt (just seen) – gifted from Rebecca

PJ bottoms – Yours Clothing

Slippers – Shop at Shipol airport – Amsterdam

My pjs generally consist of genuine pajama bottoms, a massive baggy t-shirt and a jumper/cardigan I wouldn’t be seen dead in outside of my house. I don’t wear the jumper to bed but wear it around the house – like a dressing gown. Super comfy and I don’t mind throwing away any tops that get stained whilst I cook/eat.


Top – Joe Browns @ Simply Be

Jacket – vintage from Red Bows Boutique

Jeans – New Look Inspire

Shoes – Accessorize

I don’t tend to go out “out” (clubbing etc) very often. Its more to friend’s houses or to the local pub. Neither of which requires much dressing up – so this is a variation of my “off to the pub/friend’s house” for dinner/drinks/etc.

The top is another unique Joe Browns purchase. I love the brand but my collection isn’t as extensive as it used to be! I have only worn this top once before – and that was on New Years Eve but now the weather should be getting better I will be wearing it a bit more. The jeans were purchased after I saw them as part of the give away New Look did for Plus London. The colour is described as “chestnut” but I call it more brick red. I have a slight obsessed with coloured jeans at the moment – I already have the green ones and I have my eye on some purple ones after seeing Petroleum Doll rocking a new look pair.

So there is a snap shot into my wardrobe! Don’t forget to check out what the other ladies wear when they work, rest and play!

Nicole –

Becky –

Gina –

Rebecca –

10 thoughts on “Five Take: Work Rest and Play

  1. The kimono jacket is just beautiful, I really love it. I’m exactly the same with the pjs. Always end up wearing the bottoms with a tshirt or best top and the pj tops get lost!!

  2. Oh, I cannot tell you how much I love this post! Seriously, every single outfit I would want in my own wardrobe!!

    The kimono and trousers one I love for the exact reason you’ve said, that its sort of baggy without looking like it should be, and I do adore a kimono/bed jacket type thing….a friend of the arm conscious such as yours truly!

    And, I cant stress enough how much I was going ‘Yes! Thats how I dress for bed/knocking around the house!’. I’m really glad you posted that, because it made me feel better about me rocking the proper pjs bottoms/t-shirt/hideous jumper combo when at home!!

    And lastly, I adore and entirely heart the final outfit the most; I’ve total love for any outift that has navy and red as its colour palette, and I want those shoes badly!!

    You look fab, even in your rest outfit! Great post!!

    • The kimono is lovely but I really don’t wear it enough! This must be the 3rd time I’ve worn it since I bought it in October! Shocking! Its been in my maybe sell pile so many times. I’m hoping that wearing it over dresses and vests in the summer will give it more life.

      The last outfit was a complete fluke (too honest?! Should I pretend I am the ultimate stylist???!! We saw how much trouble that kinda talk has got me into before! HA!) – I just needed an outfit to go out and I wanted to wear the jeans. BUT I really like it. I wore it with my green jeans on NYE.

  3. So in Love with your play outfit, the colours in the Joe Browns top are beautiful! Plus Its refreshing to see the brick colour picked out in the trousers it makes the top stand out so well.

    My rest outfit usually consists of jogging bottoms and a soft snuggly top, I’m getting better at wearing my apron but usually end up covered in dishwater!

  4. Lovely post and a great idea to do ‘work, rest and play’. I wear my other half’s PJ bottoms from Burtons to bed and usually one of his Mr Men T-Shirts too also the bra has to come off as soon as poss! Loving hte other two outfits – need to hunt on ebay for myself more often i think.

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