Casual Tweet

Top – gifted from Em via CityChic

Jeans – Joe Browns (circa 2009)

Cardigan – ASOS

I think you can officially say you are obsessed with something when you meet a friend for dinner and they bring you a gift featuring your obsession. This is what happened to me last week when I caught up with Em for dinner and a gossip – she produced the bird print top shown above! I had admired it on her in this post and as she writes for City Chic’s blog, she managed to obtain the top for me. I’ve never had anything from the brand before and I really love the top. The fit is perfect for me (I went for 2xl size) and because its not a popular brand over here its not being worn by every fabulous fatty around!

I wore this outfit to entertain friends on Easter Sunday. I made Nigella’s 40 cloves of garlic chicken and for dessert a gluten free carrot cake I’d picked up from Brockley Market. We seem to have made it a tradition to spend Easter with these friends, and had the welcome addition of their 10 month old daughter. Last year, she was a bump known as Barry.

6 thoughts on “Casual Tweet

  1. This top is fab on you and lovely to see you getting out a bit of boobage Claire, if you have it flaunt it!! ;0)

  2. Oh cute top. I love birds too. I was chatting to a lady the other day who had a lovely blue t-shirt with birds sitting on lines across it. She said it was from Peacocks recently although the Lewisham one has closed now…

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