Five Take: Colour Blocking


This week for Five Take, its colour blocking.

Most trends tend to pass me by – colour blocking being one of them. I had to actually Google “colour blocking style” to find out what it meant. The minute the search loaded up some images, I was all “Oh…I get you.”. Seriously, fashion dunce or what!?

Looking closer, I realised that one of my major fashion influences – Kendi – does a lot of colour blocking and because I try to follow her style, I have ended up wearing the trend. So I’m clearly trendy but just unaware.

Anyway this is my attempt at colour blocking for this week’s challenge:

Top – New Look Inspire

Skirt – made for me by Kirsty

Shoes – Crocs

I had my eye on the top for a while and the minute it reduced it price, it was mine! I wore it with trousers and a long vest top but I think I prefer it with a skirt. Oh and the skirt is the one Kirsty made for me (I’ve commissioned another one I liked it so much!). It fits so well and is made beautifully. I urge you all to go take a look at her etsy shop and buy a skirt! Soon, you wont be anyone until you have a Kirsty Fife skirt hanging in your wardrobe – you heard it here first.

I also finally wore my Domino Dollhouse petticoat to add another pop of colour – but it can only been seen in glimpses.

I went for the peacock blue one (which is now sold out!) because the colour is amazing and I’m seriously tempted to get the white one.

Don’t forget to check out how the other’s do with their interpretation of colour blocking :

Nicole –

Rebecca –

Gina –

Becky –

13 thoughts on “Five Take: Colour Blocking

  1. What gorgeous colours, I love this outfit.
    I’ve been after a domino dollhouse petticoat for months, and every time I see another blogger wearing one I want one more. I’m also thinking of the white one, because it would go with lots of things! Hmm, maybe for my birthday this summer…

  2. Did you actually say you were “clearly trendy?” Ahem, no, there’s nothing, and mean nothing, about that outfit that’s trendy. It’s like everyone’s job here is to boost each other self-esteem. How about living in reality for a minute? And no, I’m not a troll, and I’m also a big girl, I just had to please ask that you never wear this outfit again. And FYI, wearing a different colored top and printed skirt is NOT colorblocking. And further FYI, those colors do not compliment each other. FAIL.

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