Five Take: Casual

Jumper – New Look Inspire

Harems – Simply Be

Vest (just seen)  – Simply Be

Shoes – Crocs

This week for Five Take, its a casual outfit. My style is quite casual anyway, so dressing “casual” for me is probably down right scruffy for everyone else. This outfit is a pretty typical weekend one unless we are going out somewhere. The harems are as comfy as pjs and the jumper is slouchy. My ever present crocs are on my feet as well.

Today, we’ve bought a new hoover (our cleaner killed the last one three weeks ago!), defrosted and cleaned the fridge, tidied the house and decided to spend our holiday budget on getting our garden in shape.  We plan to make good use of our garden for the husband’s forthcoming 30th and our five year anniversary at the end of the summer. Ideally I’d love it to look like this:


It has a very long way to go! If anyone knows a gardener who’s keen for a project on a limited budget, let me know!

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15 thoughts on “Five Take: Casual

  1. I love this, so relaxed, and I think for the same reason I like wearing jumpsuits in the summer, it feels like PJ’s!
    The dream garden looks gorgeous too, hope you can achieve it and enjoy it! xx

  2. I love the colours of this jumper so much. New Look make so many things that I don’t like when I see them on the website but then when I see them on a blogger or if I give them a go and try them on in-store I end up falling in love. That just happened.

    Also, that garden looks amazing. I can just imagine spending a long relaxed summer evening drinking wine out there.

  3. I’d love to turn my garden into some kind of magical fairy land but it’s not going to happen. No green fingers here, I can just about pull weeds.

    Love your jumper, I love the block colour print.


    • I’ve never owned anything yellow before and now I have bird print skirt & this jumper I love! I don’t have green fingers – its why I plan to pay someone to come in & do it all🙂

  4. I love this top! The color palette looks great with your hair/skin too.

    That garden looks amazing! It would be a fantastic place to celebrate both occasions. Good luck with that project!

  5. How gorgeous is the peacock dress! In love!!! In fact, it’s totally being bought next pay cheque!! I’m dev that I live in the southern hemisphere and summers almost over but it’s just going to have to wait patiently!

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