Five Take…1990s!

Rebecca challenged Nicole, Gina, Becky and me this weekend to wear something that looked like we’d just stepped out of the 90s.

I was a teenager during the 90s and I was a grunge/indie girl rather than a Spice Girl. So my ultimate style icon was Angela Chase from My So Called Life. How one tv show that only ran for one season can have such an impact I will never know! I re-watched the pilot this morning to get some inspiration and its STILL good 18 years on (OH MY GOD!). Anyway, this is what I came up with:

Shirt, shorts, cardiganNew Look Inspire

Tights – Pamela Mann

Shoes – Crocs

I decided to create a 90s grunge esq outfit from my 30 for 30 collection (the shorts were swapped with the green jeans – I have hardly worn the shorts, the jeans have been worn to death!). Its probably not as grungy as I wore when I was 15/16 but I definiately wore similar. All thats missing is my DMs (they died in 2006 and my friend has my mock pair!) and the brightly coloured hair.

So what was your style in the 90s?

11 thoughts on “Five Take…1990s!

    • The tights are a y-seam but fit perfectly! I have had no issues with them. I got the biggest size though – which come up to under my bust so maybe I could have gone the size down. However as the fit at that size I’m just going to stay with it.

  1. I was also a teenager in the ninties and went to a secondary school with no uniform. I always admired the grunge girls and the fashions in Just Seventeen and More (remember those?) but never quite had the funds or more importantly the balls to dress like the girls I looked up to at school. I loved the way they used to pierce their own noses and try to dreadlock their hair while I had a bubble perm and shell suit :0/ tragic!
    Thanks for brigning back the teen memories Claire. I also have 4 Non Blondes stuck in my head now for some reason! xXx

    • No uniform! Wow! I had to wear hideous scarlet as a colour. I still hate red to this day. I DO remember 17 & More – I was never allowed to read 17 as mum thought it was “too adult” so I used to hide it under my pillow! Rebel!

  2. I was also a teenager in the 90’s and also a grunge girl!! Of course, there was never any plaid shirts for girls but lucky for me I had an older brother and some great boyfriends to steal from, lol! And I still have some of my concert t-shirts, inlcuding all my Metallica shirts.

    Your tights are amazing!! I need them!!! Seriously!!!

    You look beautiful lady!! Like this look for you and like that you are still putting a bird on it, haha!

    • I shared a checked shirt with my brother. A gorgeous flannel one we had bought half & half from the Army & Navy store. I used to wear it over a hippy tie dye maxi dress I picked up in a second hand shop and my beloved bright blue DMs.

  3. My style was exactly the same as that, especially the black tights and jeans shorts with DMs. Mine started life as black nubuck then were spray painted gold and finally graffittied with band names… ah the nostalgia.🙂

    I’m hoping to start my next 30 for 30 by the end of the week. I’m hoping that this being my third attempt, I will actually be able to stick to the shopping ban this time. :oS xx

  4. Ha ha! Before I went Goth, I was GRUNGE ALL THE WAY!
    Your stockings with the shorts made my heart leap into the past and cheer!
    And your look to camera in the second picture is how I spent my youth. LOVE THIS.

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