Five Take… Valentines

I think I said last year that I don’t do Valentines. I never have done and unless I get a bang on the head and become a different person, I never will. Last year, I didn’t even spend Valentines day with the husband, I went out for a meal with a friend instead.

This year – we will spending the day dodging painters! But also going to the cinema to see the Muppet Movie (massive Muppet fan here!!). So this is what I’m wearing:

Jumper – New Look Inspire

Long sleeved t-shirt – Evans

Jeans – Evans

Brogues – New Look

I cannot tell you how happy I am that the slouchy jumper trend is back! I can stop buying jumpers two sizes too big to make them sloppy!

I’m sure Gina, Nicole, Rebecca and Becky have been FAR more romantic than me! So don’t forget to go and have a look at what they’ve done.

10 thoughts on “Five Take… Valentines

    • Thanks! Just realised I didn’t get a shot of the back – its blue & white stripped. I need a white long sleeve t-shirt! My grey one just makes it look like a white one I washed with dark colours and has now gone that murky grey.

    • I really enjoyed it! I love Miss Piggy and anything with Jason Segal in it is always a winner. Plus “Am I A Man?” song is the funniest thing ever!

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