Five Take … FESTIVE!

Whooo! Its been AGES since Five Take last featured. We’ve got a couple of new faces but Nicole and I are still hanging on in there!

A quick reminder seeing as its been so long – five bloggers take a theme or item and style it in their own way. We then blog about it and you all get to see lovely pictures! The four other participants are Nicole, Rebecca, Gina and Becky.

Anyway today’s challenge was to wear something festive. I kind of misunderstood what we were meant to be wearing but looking at the outfit pictures I took, I AM wearing a festive outfit! Especially as they were taken during and after one of my gifts to the husband – High Tea at Altitude 360 restaurant.

Dress – ASOS curve

Coat – ASOS curve last year

Cardigan (just seen) courtesy of Simply Be

Tights – H&M Mama (!!) – now sold out.

The dress is one I have been lusting after for ages and thanks to a cheeky 30% discount I was able to snap it up a few weeks ago but today was its first outing. Due to the babydoll style, I may have to wear it on Christmas Day as it will be forgiving to the amount of food I am bound to consume! Can I just talk for a minute about the tights – I have been looking EVERYWHERE for knitted tights – thick with a pattern. I’m not sure what made me look at H&M maternity section but I was sold when it said “with room for your expanding stomach” … well I already have an expanded stomach! So I bought a pair and these babies are the most comfy well fitted tights I have ever owned! I shall be purchasing more of them if/as soon as they come back into stock!

Here are a few more shots of our tea:


Don’t forget to check out the other’s posts – they are all looking gorgeous.

8 thoughts on “Five Take … FESTIVE!

    • The coat is the warmest one I have EVER owned! I bought just before Christmas last year and it kept me warm through all the snow we had. It worked a treat today as it was bitter in London!

  1. I love your dress and coat! Looks like a fun night out.

    Glad you found the pair of tights you wanted – even if they are maternity! I have a similar mindset to you – I already have the expanded stomach, so why not make use of maternity gear?😉

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