LBD – My Swap Haul – Outfit Four

You read it everywhere that every woman needs a LBD (Little Black Dress) in their wardrobe. I’ve never really had one but I’ve really liked the look of this Beth Ditto one ever since I saw Rebecca wearing it.  So I was really pleased to score it in the swap – my second Beth Ditto dress as well! Again it looks hideous with the ivory tights! I look like a five year old in their party dress. Note to self: ivory tights = bad!


9 thoughts on “LBD – My Swap Haul – Outfit Four

  1. Love the dress but share your views on the tights unfortunately! Would look great with black tights and a red belt!

  2. Agreed… ivory/white tights are almost always a bad idea in my book. Fun patterned tights might be good and I liked it with a scarf OR maybe a real long funky necklace. It needs a little breaking up. I think that this would be a great staple in your wardrobe. It is ALWAYS so nice to get things that you wanted awhile ago but missed.

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