My Swap Haul – Outfit Two.

So here is my rebellious second outfit from my swap goodies. Its rebellious because it includes two items I was told to “forget it” when I used Evans’ calculator to find out what body shape I am. It turns out – rather unsurprisingly – that I am “Busty“. According to Evans I should not wear polo necks (I’m guessing the roll neck on the jumper would be included in that) and mini skirts. Personally, I don’t think I look that bad. In fact I think I look rather good!

Does the mini make me look boxy? Do I care even if it did? No really.

Have you broken any fashion rules? If so which ones?

8 thoughts on “My Swap Haul – Outfit Two.

  1. Bugger Evans rules you look fab in a mini skirt, and with marvellous booboids you can wear any top you damn well please ;0)
    I love horizontal stripes, you should see my mothers face when I walk in, and the withering look that says ‘Aw honey did I not tell you fat girls can’t wear horizontal stripes’ – honestly, I almost always wear them to her house just to wind her up, mean old sod
    Kandi x

  2. As someone who has a very similar shape to you, I rock an outfit just like this one fairly regularly! Wear what makes you feel good and you’ll be rocking it, just like you are in the above pictures.

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