Classic Fat Girl

Once upon a time, I used to dress as we are told to dress as a fat girl. You know – crop trousers, loose floaty tops, busy prints to detract from the rolls, black to slim. So although that sad little girl is a million miles away from my now confident self, once in a while she escapes and I end up looking like this:

Top – Joe Browns @ Simply Be 2009

Cropped linen trousers – Evans 2010

Loafers – Evans

I just cannot dress for hot weather. Well I can but none of it is really work appropriate and after a flap as to what to wear, classic fat girl Monkey jumped out and grabbed this outfit and I felt rubbish and frumpy all day. Do any of you sometimes end up dressing like a “classic” fat girl?

The problem I am having is that I am trying to dress slightly smarter for work due to my more senior role and I’m just coming up with blanks. It also doesn’t help that its hot. Oh well two more items cross off my list and after being washed will be firmly in the “swap” pile. Watch out for more info on Fat Swap Shop over the weekend, I have updates!

How are you dressing for the heat? Is it all maxi dresses and loose tops or are you also struggling?

18 thoughts on “Classic Fat Girl

  1. I wear alot of dresses with sweethearttops or a simple skirt that sits under my byst with a top (often with a belt to go with it). But I think I know what you mean. Dresses during summer and tops etc. can become, what I call “sookie stackhousish” You know.. It’s to cutsie and young (even though I love that style!). To make it more adult I would try muted tones, one or two skirts in midi or maxi that doesn’t have a 50’s feel to it, not too much volume. One or two maxidresses, lots and lots of tops and a pair of sandals. I would like to top it off with a big big rectangle-necklace but in reality I often take all jewellery off.. To freakin hot.

    • I tend to do that with jewellery too! I have plenty of midi- length things – need to plan my wardrobe more for next week … maybe I will sort it into “work appropriate” and “non-work appropriate” …🙂

  2. I think you are being overly harsh with yourself but I do know what you mean about wearing something and feeling just a bit crap and like you could have worn something you felt better in. This weather is hard to dress for though!

    My classic old school fat girl outfit was badly fitting (as in too long and a little too loose) black work trousers and a coloured top. Ah the years I spent wearing that crap! No more I say!!!

    For the heat I’ve been wearing cropped chinos and lots of cotton. My new rules for dressing are you can have either a loose top or loose bottoms, but not both. One at least has to be fitted othewise I may as well wear a bin liner and call it a day.

    • I think that’s where I went wrong – too may baggy elements. Plus I think I just don’t like either the top or the trousers – which is why they don’t get worn much.

  3. I know what you mean -the hot weather makes me want to wear muumuus and sit inside under a fan all day. Which, incidentally, is what I’m doing today🙂.

    But I think there’s validity in dressing in comfy and flowy things to beat the heat – especially if they are made of natural fibers like cotton! I always feel cooler when I am wearing all cotton.

    I think those trousers could be salvaged, honestly – maybe wearing a more close-fitting top that has a higher neckline to make it more work-smart? This top is out of stock but something similar would look nice I think.

    • I think you’re right – I’ve been pretty panicked this week with trying to find something smart to wear vs being hot. I just need to plan a bit better for next week. Yep higher necklines are required – don’t want to blind my colleagues.😉

  4. It does get hard to dress in hot weather. I’m comfortable in a strappy dress with a thin shrug or cardigan over the top. Well, hot, but comfy. I just can’t do any type of pants or many skirts when it’s hot. I don’t like to feel ‘waisted’.

    That’s what scares me about the wardrobe challenge. I’ll see that I wear the same things over and over!

    • I just went through the wardrobe & got rid of the items I know I just won’t wear. Well I put them aside for the clothes swap. Im sure there’s more I’ll add to that pile over the next month.

  5. I love that top on you. Instead though, try it with a blue or white pencil skirt?
    My classic fat girl outfit is jeans and a baggy top. Always feel utterly unattractive when I wear them but sometimes I just end up grabbing that combo anyway? I guess everyone has their days.
    When it’s hot, I do like maxi dresses. Or light linnen trousers with a floral top and sandals.

  6. I hear ya! My classic fat outfit was always 3/4 pants and long flowing baggy tops-and I always felt frumpy in them so I gave them all away to the op-shop and now I’m forced to wear stuff that suits me when I’m having one of those blugh days.

  7. For summer, I try to dress in skirts or dresses as much as possible.

    Occasionally, I dress like a classic fat girl, especially when I can’t figure out what to wear, or I don’t feel good. That’s usually when I reach for my black stretch capris, and floaty tops.

  8. Hi Claire, try Lagenlook clothes, such as La Bass and Completo lino, they have changed my life, I think you look good always.

  9. I second Kathy – Lagenlook is the way to go. I love Sarah Santos and LA Bass clothes – they’re designed to be structured and dramatic pieces of clothing that need to have a big body inside them to look their best. It works much better for me than trying to wear bigger sizes of fashions and cuts that aren’t designed for a smaller body than my big and beautiful one!

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