Weddings Weddings Weddings!

A wedding always generates noise and fuss, especially when its someone important. No I’m not talking about the Royal Wedding (although I was suitably impressed by the whole thing!) but my best friend’s. She is having her wedding party this Saturday ( having eloped a few weeks ago to get the ceremony out of the way) and I really can’t decide what to wear!

The wedding party is pretty informal – none of the usual wedding traditions like speeches, favours, sit down dinners or confetti, but I think my best friend is still expecting people to make an effort. So I have narrowed it down to two dresses and I would like to you lot to vote for which one you think I should wear:

Dress option one : Frock and Frill crochet dress

Obviously I wont be wearing it with leggings and boots! However, I am thinking of wearing it with the cardigan, necklace and sweater guard. I have these shoes from Accessorize and I have a cute flower headband.  Alternatively I have this cardigan.

Dress option two: Beth Ditto velvet dress

Obviously without the tights, but maybe the heart shoes or my white lace brogues (seen here). I also plan to wear this headband by Bijou Bijoux:

So the choice is yours – whatever gets the most votes I will wear! Use the buttons below and decide away! You’ve only got until Friday so hop to it!

Also seeing as this is a wedding themed post, find some pictures from my own wedding (in September 2007!) below:

All of our wedding photos were taken by our friends and family, with Rob’s usher and dad taking the “official” ones.

A number of our guest were recently single so we had a shot with them, they are meant to be looking sad! Can you spot my family member?

Me and my bridesmaids – l-r My little sister, my best friend (and the bride on Saturday) and our matchmaker

Dresses – Monsoon £40 each

Shoes – bridesmaid’s own

Pashminas – £10 for 3 from Leather Lane Market in Holborn

My outfit:

Dress – Simply Be (!!)

Shoes – New Look

Flower clips (in my hair) – eBay 12 for £2 – I’m wearing 5, the bridesmaids have the rest

The husbands:

Suit & shoes – Moss Bros of Lewisham (cheapo mens clothing store!)

Shirt – Next

Tie thingy – t’internet

Shoes – Moss Bros of Lewisham

Also behind us you can just about see the tramp we’d over taken on our walk from the park to the pub! Nice!

Our wedding was done on a budget of just under £3,000 – that included both of our outfits, half of the price of the bridesmaids’ dress, reception, flowers, rings, table decorations etc! I was a bargainista bride!

16 thoughts on “Weddings Weddings Weddings!

  1. Your wedding pictures are so great! I’m so glad you shared them! You guys are adorable, and I haven’t ever seen a full picture of Rob before. Now I’ll recognize him when we meet you guys this month!

    I can’t believe you got that awesome wedding dress at simply be! You go bargainista girl!

    • Well we both have shorter hair now🙂

      I know we’re going to have to wear something something distinctive just in case.

      I really want an excuse to wear my wedding dress again!

  2. OMG Awwwwwwwwww! You promised ages ago to put up your wedding pics and I’ve been waiting!! You look sooo happy and beautiful. I agree…you should wear your wedding dress every day. Or at least on saturdays!! lol xx

  3. Ooh the wedding photos! You looked lovely, and so different with longer hair…and Rob looks so young🙂
    Is that Emily I spot in the background of the first one?
    I vote crochet dress with gold cardigan

  4. Aww, you were a beautiful bride! Is it weird I recognised your wedding dress as Simply Be straight away?

    I voted for the white dress and gold cardi🙂 x

  5. GRRR. Your wedding photos are bringing up conflicting emotions. First is wow I am so happy for you as you look wonderful and happy on your big day.

    The second is a big GRRRRRRRRRR. I LOVE your dress. The sad thing is I bought that dress for my wedding but at the time Simply Be was only selling it in a Cerise Pink. Loved the style and cut and everything but in the end I decided it was too Bollywood and as the detailing was really a bit too over the top on the pink dress. So I wore a crappy Evans one instead.
    And now I see that it was sold in white at some stage and it looked wonderful on you and I am so so so annoyed that I didn’t look as lovely.
    Ok, rant over.
    If we ever renew our vows or something I might have to borrow it!!!

    • Thanks Eclectica! I remember it being in cerise and a blush pink. I was determined not to wear ivory/white on my wedding day and originally I bought a knee length green dress from Monsoon but when I saw this one – just by chance – I decided to go for it!

      Its funny how you sometimes see the “one” …

  6. Your wedding pics are lovely. I adore short hair myself but you were rockin’ the longer style. Excellent on you. Love-love-love the dress. Great choices.

  7. Love the wedding photos! Have you considered growing you hair long again and going more ash? It looks great! And whatever you do, don’t wear that headband, no offense but it just doesn’t cut it for a grownup lady.

  8. I got married in the pink version of that wedding dress! You looked lovely.

    I quite like the leggings and boots with the frock and frill dress, it looks very rock n’roll!

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