Five Take…Nautical

This week Elizabeth challenged me, Beth, Nicole and Valerie to wear an outfit with a nautical theme. My new eBay purchase could not have arrived at a better time!

Cardigan – New Look via eBay

Vest – Joe Browns @ Simply Be

Leather jacket – Simply Be

Jeans – Evans

Trainers – Simply Be

Firstly I think we need to take a moment and note that I’m actually laughing in a post picture! The reason? Our friends were doing this over on the other grassy knoll we were standing on;

Anyway back to the outfit! Ever since I saw Georgina wearing this anchor print cardigan I have been on the hunt for it. Last week I saw it on eBay and I bid aggressively for it…maybe paid a bit more than I wanted to but I love it and it was SO worth it.

The anchor print was perfect for the nautical themed challenge and I pair it with my Joe Browns nautical vest and a pair of jeans. We spent the day walking around the market and art galleries in Deptford and being very silly!

The perfect out to wear when relaxing after a very stressful couple of weeks!

Don’t forget to check out what the other fabulous four are wearing.

16 thoughts on “Five Take…Nautical

  1. great cardi, new look does some lovely things once in a while… seems to returning to better form than I have found it for a while now.

    • I totally agree Gee! I have got a couple of really good bits from New Look recently – a brilliant bird print blouse and some floral wide legged trousers.

  2. I have also been known to stalk ebay for something I missed out on in the shops!!

    Its lovely to see you smile in the pictures – its really lovely and how I imagine you in real life (as opposed to blog life!).


    • I’m pleased I’m not the only one who does that!

      As for what I’m like in real life – I do know much about the smiling. I’m a pretty miserable bugger😉

  3. hey there! i’m your partner for the paper doll project!
    i couldn’t find a link to your email on here, so if you are still interested in participating, email me: mattersofmerrymakingATgmailDOTcom

  4. […] Five Take time again! Just in case you banged your head and forgot what it’s all about, Five Take is where five bloggers (me, Nicole, Gina, Becky and Rebecca) all take one theme and style it our way. This week was the turn of nautical. The theme has been seen before and you can see how I wore it here. […]

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