When An Outfit Just Looks WRONG!







Blazer – c/o Marisota

Jeans – c/o Very.co.uk

Grey top – Dorothy Perkins

Minnetonka mocassins  – c/o Office

Do you ever have that thing where you lay an outfit out thinking – that’ll look great! Put it on, look in the mirror and go “yeah, not bad” but then get to work and look in another mirror (I’m not vain-my office has a LOT of mirrors) and realise the outfit you are wearing looks wrong. Yes? Well that’s how this outfit felt today. I don’t know what it is – actually, I do know what it is – it’s the top. It’s a bit too tight and a little too small and it just makes me feel all BELLY. Perhaps if I wear this outfit with a slight looser top, I’ll feel better about it.

I was discussing it with my friend at work but she couldn’t see what the issue was, so I know it’s mostly in my head. However, this is a prime example of how I accept how I look. I have to dress so I feel comfortable otherwise I hate how I look. I’ve spent a long time learning to accept how I look and what size I am but having days like today makes me realise that I am not totally immune to going back to the “old” me in attitude if not outfits!

So finally getting to the point – I decided to post these pictures because I need to realise that often my body image issues are only in my head and the people who matter – my family, friends etc – don’t see what the problem is. And actually looking back at these pictures, I don’t think I look all that bad. Yes, the top is a little tight but it could be worse. It just proves to me that blogging helps me.

Waffling over and out.

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One thought on “When An Outfit Just Looks WRONG!

  1. I think you look great! I’ve only just got used to posting, or in fact, taking pics of myself. For so long I didn’t like the way I looked, but now I just think, well bugger it, this is what I look like and would you believe no one has said *anything* negative!

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