A Simply Be Wedding

As I’ve mentioned before, when I got married five years ago, I got the dress I wore from Simply Be. It wasn’t a wedding dress, but it sang to me – so it became the dress.

I struggled to find a dress – I didn’t want the common sleeveless white puffy gown. I wanted something a little bit different but for a plus size bride that was really really hard. My budget was tiny (£100 max) so I was really limited.  But Simply Be came good, and I managed to get my dress and jacket within budget.

Imagine my joy (and slight annoyance) when I noticed yesterday that Simply Be had launched its bridal range! Its small – only four dresses but those dresses are GORGEOUS! I would have loved to have this choice five years ago! All of the dresses are reasonable – between £90 and £100 and are different enough to stand out. Wonderful. Below are my two favourites:



Also, even though this isn’t in the bridal range, if you wanted a more 50’s-esq shorted dress, this one by Joanna Hope would look beautiful:

Short dress

Well done Simply Be, once again you are doing what no other plus size retailer is doing and actually giving us what we want and what we need.

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9 thoughts on “A Simply Be Wedding

  1. How lucky for the current generation of brides, to have more choices than we did! I particularly like the short dress above – I’d buy it even though I’m more “mother of the bride” now, and less “bride”.
    Ps you were a stunning bride, I love the playful humour that shows through in the photos!

  2. Aww your wedding pics are adorbs. Long hair! In two days is our wedding anniversary, and I wish this rang came sooner. The Joanne dress is perfect!

  3. I love your wedding pics you looked lovely! I really like the wedding dresses in the collection I had a small budget for my dress £60 but I managed to find something me. I’m glad simply be are doing a bridal range as I think it will help a lot of ladies to find a great dress xx

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