Come rain or shine: how to dress for unpredictable weather

Hello friends!

​Spring is notorious around the world for its unpredictable weather. But in this country even the summer weather keeps us on our toes. At this time of year, it’s a real struggle to know how to dress. How often have you left the house in a beautiful summer dress, only to return looking and feeling like a drowned rat? We’ve all been there! Luckily, with a few small changes to your wardrobe, you can be prepared and look fabulous come rain or shine. Here are some of the tips that I have found most helpful.

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  • Never leave the house without some form of head protection. Sometimes when the rain comes on, we aren’t caught in it for long enough for it to soak our clothes. But long enough for it to make our hair look like Monica’s from “The One In Barbados”. I always forget to bring an umbrella. But if I do remember it, chances are it will be left on a bus. If you are like me, get yourself a lightweight hooded parka or mac. It’s light enough so you don’t overheat, but it keeps your locks and outfit dry.
  • You need a good pair of spring-summer boots. This kind of footwear will keep your feet dry without being too hot. Thankfully a lot of shoe retailers have realised there is a demand for spring-summer boots, and you can find such styles in most high street stores. Suede brogues are my favourite. H&M do a great range.
  • It’s all about layering. We love layering in winter. But this technique still has a place when the weather starts to warm up. You can shed your thick winter jacket as your top layer. Swap it for a good woolen jumper from somewhere like Aran Sweaters Direct. You can wear these jumpers with just about everything, so it’s a worthwhile investment for your wardrobe. They look especially lovely over a shirt or collared dress with the collar peeking out at the top. Layer shirts over vest tops and skirts over leggings for more spring-summer practical and pretty outfits.
  • Scarves are your best friend in unpredictable weather. Every girl knows that a beautiful scarf makes an outfit. And it’s amazing the difference it makes to your body temperature when you wrap a scarf around your neck. They can be put off and on easily depending on the weather. And if you are caught out sans hood or umbrella, you can use them to protect your head while you seek shelter.
  • Take a big enough bag wherever you go. The unpredictable weather can mean sweaty upper lip one minute and dripping mascara the next. Make sure you can fit all your essentials like tissues, deodorant, makeup, etc. so that you are well prepared, whatever the weather.

 With a little planning and tweaking to your wardrobe, it is possible to create many stylish outfits that can cope come rain or shine.

 If you have any more tips on this subject, let me know!



It’s time for another swap! We’re back at the usual venue in Islington for another afternoon of clothes, cakes and chats! 

It’ll be donations on the door again – with the normal expectation that you donate as much as your comfortable with (so if you’re skint donating nothing is ok!) and you don’t need to bring clothes if you don’t have anything to swap. We always have loads left over! 

I’m looking forward to seeing you all! 

Elvi cool


Jacket – co Elvi // tshirt & jeans – ASOS // cardigan (just seen) – ancient Evans 

I’ve pretty much lived in my ASOS biker jacket this past autumn/winter but as we start to seem a glimmer of warmer weather,  I have been on the hunt for a lighter jacket to wear. 

This faux leather number from Elvi has ticked all the boxes. Not being leather means it’s lighter and therefore not as warm, which means I can throw it on over a tshirt and not boil.

I wore the jacket the other weekend whilst having a walk around Greenwich park with friends. The jacket kept me warm enough but I didn’t over heat whilst hiking up the hill. 

The jacket has press studs around the collar which means you can pin it open, so that it sits comfortably without sliding off. 

All in all its a lovely jacket and has found itself a happy place in my spring/summer wardrobe. 

How to maintain a wardrobe?

Hello friends, like you all know I love all the items which are in my wardrobe, but maintaining them neatly is quite challenging sometimes. Recently I thought of cleaning my wardrobe and arranging my dresses, but I was confused from where to start. So I did some research and got some fantastic ideas on how to maintain a neat wardrobe. Here are some ideas which I would love to share with all my friends.

1. Take out every single thing present in your wardrobe
2. Remove those items/clothes aside which do not fits you, which you don’t like wearing, and the damaged ones
3. Hang those clothes which you wear on regular basis, as you don’t have to keep searching for it.
4. It is better you keep all the hangers in backward directions, as it will separate those clothes which you have already worn recently. So that you will have a clearer picture of what you actually wear often
5. Buy new hangers of different colours so that you won’t be confused while you’re searching your clothes
6. You can also buy some garment organizers, so that you can have a separate section of clothes into different categories for eg- your office wear, party dresses and seasonal dresses. This will help you to do your things easily
7. Fold all your denims, jackets ,skirts and other heavy outfits and keep it separately
8. Keep all the folded clothes, in a way that you can understand and don’t need to search it for a longer time.
9. You can sell your old clothes or give it someone who is really in need of it.

I cleaned my wardrobe recently and was very happy to see it neat and organized. If you are thinking to clean your wardrobe use these simple tips. What I did was cleaned my wardrobe and played online bingo for a while on my favourite bingo site New Look Bingo. The one thing which I love about this site is their mobile bingo. Now I can play bingo anywhere, anytime.

For more details click here and have fun and don’t forget to share your experiences with me.

Making the dots work


Top (was a dress) – Beth Ditto for Evans – via Naomi

Jumper – Elvi

Jeggings – ASOS curve

Shoes – Evans (similar)

I got this dress from Naomi well over a year ago and I barely wore it.  It was too short to wear as a dress but too long to wear over jeans without making me feel frumpy . SO I shorted it and have worn it heaps more since I did that.  It’s now the perfect length to wear with jeans and trousers.

More Elvi love

I think Elvi cottoned on that they had a new fan after I kept posting and gushing about my recent purchases (I’ve so far bought a coat, a jacket, a jumper and a cardigan!) so they contacted me and asked me if I’d like to review an item.  I of course said YES PLEASE!

I picked the orange coatigan.  I’d see it worn by a couple of bloggers – and in black as well as the orange.  I went for the size 2 because the size 3 had sold out.






Coatigan c/o Elvi

Top – eBay

Jeans – ASOS curve

Boots – ASOS

Necklace – Primark

Earrings – Blackheart Creatives

I wore this outfit to dinner at a friend’s house.  The coatigan is warm enough to just be worn over one other layer and be comfortable enough worn inside. But I could easily layer it up and wear it during the autumn and spring as a jacket.  I paired it with my current go to pair of jeggings, my new boots from ASOS (which fit like slippers – so comfy!) and my old but still very much loved goldfish top.

I put on my amazing goldfish earrings custom made by the talented Charlotte at Blackheart Creatives.  She made me a matching necklace which I will get around to blogging soon.

I know that Elvi’s sizing is very erratic – I have had to return a top which despite saying it was a 26 fit more like a 20 . I also haven’t tried any of their trousers, dresses or skirts . However the items I have bought on the most part fit well.  The coat I bought is a tad snug but I’m keeping it because I love it and I can make it work.

*pictures by Diana at

In the garden with Colonel Mustard

Now we all know that I have a bit of a . . . umm obsession  with the colour mustard –  I mean just look at this! So when I clocked this little beauty from Elvi I knew it had to be mine!


I then saw it on Em and was like “nah, it’ll never suit me. It’s cropped and my body is long & boobs are big.” So I pushed it to the back of my mind and carried on getting over a major operation etc etc .

A week or so ago during one of my insomnia induced internet surfs, I clicked on the Elvi website and noticed they had a sale on. I then noticed that the mustard jacket was now only £20 (instead of £40) and my sleep deprived brain told me to just order it and see.  So I did. I also ordered a couple other pieces whilst I was at it and was able to get a further 10% off due to being a new customer. The jacket took two days to arrive via royal mail.  I lifted it out and oh my it was love at first sight.  Its made from a soft tweed fabric.  It has shoulder pads and zips up . I was almost too scared to try it on.  You see I’d read mix reviews about Elvi sizing, a lot of people say their items run small. I’m a size 26 so top of their size range. If this jacket was too small I couldn’t size up – I’d have to part with my beloved. So I took a deep breath and put the jacket on  . . .  and what do you know! IT FIT!!



Jacket – Elvi

Blouse – ASOS

Jeans – ASOS

Boots – ASOS

Necklace – Tatty Devine






Not only did it fit, it fit like it was made for me! I am over the moon (!!).  Speaking of moons – look at this amazing necklace! Its my most favourite necklace ever! I’d been lusting after one after seeing Amanda look fabulous in hers.  I decided to treat myself to a Christmas present.  I’m so glad I did!

This post is also a bit of a collaboration post with my lovely friend and fellow blogger Becky . You see Becky and I have a habit of buying the same things.  She inspires me and I inspire her and sometimes we spontaneously buy the same stuff without knowing. So when Becky saw I’d bought the jacket and it fit – she was decided it was needed in her wardrobe too. One day we are going to arrive somewhere dressed head to toe in the same outfit!


*pictures by Diana at