Looking how I want to look


Top – Matalan

Blazer – Old Navy (gifted from a US friend)

Jeans – Junarose via Zalando

Shoes – New Look

Tote bag – Sammy Dress

As a fat woman, I often struggle to wear the outfits I really want to wear. So today I felt really good in my outfit because I looked how I wanted to look.  Hence the camera phone shot and my messy hair and scruffy spotty face!

I also think that as a fat woman you have to be creative to get those outfits. I spend far too much time hunting for particular items that are a pound a penny in “straight” sizes. Grey jeans are a prime example of this. Everywhere you look this spring summer, pale grey skinny jeans are in every shop on the high street – but try and find them for us fatties – not a chance! I have spent months looking and have only found two in the style I want – this pair from H&M and the Junarose pair I have on.

I love the clothes on Junarose but ordering and returning from the company is fiddly and expensive but Hanna pointed me in the direction of Zalando – a site which sells European brands and offers free delivery and returns so it’s a less expensive risk. Anyway – the risk paid off and the jeans fit beautifully!

Also – can we just spend a minute talking about Matalan? Now – the Rogers&Rogers collection is tiny and full of mostly crap. However it does from time to time have a gem. My current favourite cardigan is Rogers&Rogers (via eBay). My fabulous game show host sequin jacket is from Rogers&Rogers (via eBay again!) and so is the top I’m wearing today. I also picked up a lovely cream blazer which will be perfect during the warmer months.

Lastly – my handbag. I’ve been on a hunt for a tote bag for a while and when Sammy Dress contacted me asking me if I wanted to review an item, I opted for the bag. Its dirt cheap and has a weird chemically smell but its spacious and looks more expensive than it is.

So do you spend hours looking for certain items? Have you managed to find an outfit that is exactly how you want to dress?

Cutting the mustard

Hi! My name is Claire and I am addicted to the colour mustard.

Over the last eight months or so, finding various mustard coloured items has been my mission. I have wanted trousers, cardigans, jumpers, dresses, shoes and scarves all in this wonderful colour. Its been challenging – mustard coloured items for fatties seems to be rare. However, my diligence is paying off. I have now got a mustard jumper, cardigan and now this dress!


This dress! It was a bit of a fluke getting it. I was browsing ASOS sale and it popped up in my search – I clicked on it thinking,  “it’ll say out of stock”, but no! It was in stock in my size and for £10.50 – I – of course – bought it right away. It’s made from an acrylic knit and is quite thin so it’s not boiling to wear. In fact I wore it the other day to work and I didn’t overheat.

The cropped biker is from the first Beth Ditto collection and I picked up at a recent swap I went to. I’ve wanted one for ages so I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw it.

bird necklace

Also doesn’t my Blackheart Creatives necklace tie in perfectly with my outfit? The gorgeous Charlotte happily makes my bespoke requests and I adore the quality of them! I couldn’t recommend buying stuff from the store enough!

As light as feather


Feather coat – Anna Scholz – gifted

T-shirt – ASOS

Jeans - ASOS

Shoes - Minnetonka



My acquirement of this feather jacket has a rather sweet story attached. I’m sure you all remember the jacket when it first launched on Simply Be’s site – I dribbled over it. But as is always the case with me – when there is something expensive and beautiful  - I never have the cash to buy it because I have spent £100s on cheaper items. When I did finally have the money, the jacket had sold out! Ever since I’ve been trawling eBay trying to find one up for sale – but I guess everyone loves it too much!

My lovely friend Amanda has one and I have managed to borrow it a couple of times but she’s always firmly taken it back (darn her!). Anyway – a month or so ago, I attended the Anna Scholz at Simply Be S/S14 launch and Amanda and I got chatting to Anna herself. Amanda asked Anna if she planned on doing another feather jacket – mentioning that I was constantly trying to steal her one! Anna then offered to send me her jacket as it was too big for her. I of course said YES! And less than a week later, this gorgeous item was in my grubby little mits!

I haven’t yet had an excuse to wear it somewhere glam. Mostly I’ve been putting it on and swanning around the house in it (and not letting the cats anywhere near it)! But having seen this picture on pinterest and decided to rock it with jeans. I personally love it – the casual with the luxe. I feel like a ganster’s moll in it. I know that the whole outfit could do with pulling together a little – such as making sure the lining is tucked away and actually being able to see my hands! Plus making sure my t-shirt isn’t hitched up and my moccasins laces are done up – but that’s more about checking in a mirror before having my picture taken!

The jeans were a bit of a risky buy. I have bought a few pairs of jeans from Asos – in various sizes – and had to return them because I haven’t been able to do them up!!! Another lovely friend, Gina, recommended these jeans – she had bought various sizes and said she reckoned a 26 would fit me – and she was right! They are seriously not slim legged on me – but you know what – I like that! I have slim legged boyfriend jeans already so having a looser pair mixes it up a bit.

Do you have any stories of how you’ve managed to get a dream item in an interesting way? Hunting in a random charity shop? Found on a train? Etc?

photos taken by Diana - http://www.fashionlovesphotos.com/

Ch Ch Changes

leather Jumper – New Look

Skirt – ASOS

Tights – we love colors

Shoes – Minnetonka

Necklace – New Look

Earrings – gift


Wow it feels like ages since I’ve done an outfit post!

Real life and a lack of fashion inspiration has mainly been the cause. I just don’t feel like I’ve been wearing anything wow recently.

Whenever I feel a bit blurgh about myself, I tend to change my hair. So after nearly four years of being a bleach blonde, I’ve gone back to being a brunette. Whether I will stay this colour, who knows! But for now I love it and I feel like my mojo is back.

Thanks to the lovely Diana, I managed to get a few outfit pictures done when I went round to her’s the other friend with the husband, Kirsty and her partner for a night of board games and takeaway.

I am one of the many bloggers who snapped up this gorgeous leather skirt for a ridiculously cheap price and I’ve worn it lots. I went for a woodland theme – so squirrels, foxes and a stag all feature. I bought the squirrel top back in October and I mostly wear it with skirts as I find it too short to wear with my skinny jeans. But I have recently got a pair of loose fit jeans so I might try it out with them.


What do you do to get your mojo back?

Boy Meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl

I am obsessed with the “boyfriend” trend. I love the jeans, the baggy t-shirts and the blazers. I’ve managed to get my hands on the ASOS jeans  (I will try and do an outfit post soon!) but the top from Simply Be is high on my wishlist! Due to my big wrists I also tend to wear men’s watches too. I am currently coveting an Accurist watch - men’s of course!


Do you like the “boyfriend” trend? Do you have a current lust list you are dribbling over?

Fashion Loves Photos

I know I am incredibly lucky to have a husband who not only takes photos of me for my blog but also loves doing it. I also know that a few of you out there really want to have great pictures but either can’t find a willing photographer or have someone who point-blank refuses to take pictures of you.

Well fear not! The ever so talented Diana may be the answer! Those of you who came to Plus London one and two will remember Diana as the pop up studio photographer. She has decided to offer up some packages for bloggers. Those are:

3 images: £50
6 images: £80
10 images: £150

What you will get is the shots and some simple editing (blemish removal etc). This offer is only open to those that have  a blog which has been in existence for longer than a month and also updated within a month. It’s not limited to fashion bloggers.

Over the last few years Diana has taken a fair few pictures of me – here are a selection!




me PL1




She makes me look pretty darn good right? So if you have a spare bit of cash floating around and want to have some professional shots then don’t hesitate to contact Diana.

**I did this post as a gesture of goodwill. I am not getting any form of payment for it. Yes, I am that nice!**