Autumn Curve

With the distinct autumnal nip in the air today, my thoughts have turned to what my “AW14″ is going to look like. Luckily, my favourite place to spend my money – ASOS – has recently launched its lookbook for autumn. Here are my favourite items from the collection:

Exclusive crop in check print Exclusive midi skirt in check print

I haven’t been 100% enamoured with the midi skirt crop top look, but the above matching skirt and top really appeals. I think its the print mostly.

ASOS CURVE Midi dress in tapestry print - £40 (1)

Always a grunge kid, the only bit I like about the 90’s revival is the return of the “My So Called Life”/Nirvana school of clothing. I spent my early teenage year emanating (in my primark/mark one/Bon Marche way) Angela Chase. This outfit falls into that category. I would pair it up with chunky boots and a backpack.

Exclusive hooded soft coat - £65




Finally, to add to my autumnal coat collect, this soft hooded coat will be a welcome addition, because of the hood! all my other coats rely on me wearing a hat if its cooler and having a brolly on me at all times. This would not. Plus its not a colour I have a lot of so will add a different burst to my wardrobe of greys and blues!

Prices start from around £40 and should start being available this month. Which bits are your favourites?

Through the looking glass – part two

Yet another collection of my poorly shot outfit pictures in my bedroom mirror.

First up some of my work outfits:



Are you sick of the ASOS trousers yet? I’m getting there! They’re so comfy and brilliant but I would love a similar pair. The tunic in the other picture was originally from Gina. When I saw it on the H&M website, I wasn’t keen but it’s really great in real life. I can see me wearing it with black jeans & biker jacket in the winter.



The next two outfits were me trying to decide what to wear to a wedding I have in September. The last few weddings I’ve gone to, I’ve hated my outfits. I’ve ended up changing my mind last minute and making the wrong choices. So I’m trying to plan well in advance. I think I’m going to go with the blue skirt with gold jacket & white vest.



I’ve been autumn dreaming. I love autumn. I survive summer but autumn is my season. The checked coat is something I picked up for £7 in the sale. I love it! The denim dress and biker jacket will be a firm favourite once it gets cooler. I attempted to wear it last Thursday when we had a storm but it was still a little warm for the biker!







The next few outfits are just a collection of what I’ve been wearing recently. The midi cardigan is a new purchase from new look. Everything else is old. My outfits always boarder on the comfy side!


Lastly, I finally got a haircut after not having once since February! And new glasses – first in about 5 years. My face looks different.

Hope you enjoy the post!

It’s clothes swap time!


Kirsty and I are hosting a clothes swap on the 7 September. We’ve hired a community library for it – Crofton Park Library. The library was actually threatened with closure in 2011 but thanks to donations from the local community, it’s managed to keep open. The library provides not only access to books but also free classes (such as English as foreign language), free internet access and supports all members of the local area.

The space is amazing – with lots of room, plenty of tables and corners to change in. It has gender neutral toilets and we’re also going to use the children’s corner as a changing room as well.

There is also a kitchen area, so we’ve asked Katie to come along and sell cakes and drinks as well.

As the venue is a community space and needs money to keep it going, we’ve hired it at a cost of £120. Therefore, we’re asking that if you are coming and can afford to donate something, that you do so via our eventbrite page. We’re asking for donations on a sliding scale, but please give as much or as little as you can.

Every swap I’ve hosted/gone to has been great fun and I’ve met some great people and picked up some wonderful bits – unworn Beth Ditto dresses, dungarees, brilliant jumpers, coats! Some items I’ve worn to death.

We’ve set up a Facebook event so if you can come (and I hope you can!!) RSVP here.

Working from home

IMAG0649_1 (1)

IMAG0652_1 (2)

my “office corner” of my living room

I’m lucky enough to have a job which lets me work from home from time to time. There is something quite decadent replying to emails in your pyjamas! A few of my team work from home on a regular weekly basis but I just do it from time to time. So when I was contacted to chat about AXA‘s new competition about work for home, I was more than happy to chat about my experience of working from home.

I thought the easiest way of doing this was to talk around the pros and cons I’ve found when I’ve worked from home.


  • You can wear what you want! Your pjs, your slob gear, just your underwear, nothing!
  • You don’t have to make any effort to look smart.
  • You can listen to music – and sing – without upsetting your colleagues
  • You don’t have to hot desk – unless it’s a battle between you and the cat. And in my house, I always win.
  • You don’t have to go far for snacks.
  • You can watch TV during your breaks.
  • You can concentrate on work without being interrupted.
  • You don’t have to work set hours. You can start at 7am and go back to bed at 11 for a nap.
  • You don’t have to face the commute. Rolling out of bed and starting work in less than 3 minutes is bliss!
  • You can run errands and get stuff done around the house – without having to battle everyone else on the weekend.
  • You can finish work and start to relax in seconds rather than having to come home first.



  • It’s lonely. There’s no one to have a chat to when you’re stuck and need to brainstorm an idea or just to have a natter too.
  • You look a mess and have no motivation to not look a mess!
  • You end up working more hours. I often find I will log back in to work later in the evening. Even if I have been working since 7am.
  • It’s easier to procrastinate. When you have no one looking over your shoulder (or at least the risk of that), you find yourself on social media more and before you know it an hour has passed. Ahem.
  • It’s too easy to graze on snacks all day. I always find I eat rubbish when I work at home. A whole bag of haribos will vanish, as will big bags of crisps, bars of chocolate. Then I feel sluggish.
  • You miss out on gossip. Things always tend to happen at work the day you aren’t there. You get back into the office and everyone is chatting about something and it’s often “you had to be there” type of situation.
  • You miss out on team bonding (see above).
  • The work you tend to bring home is usually the really boring stuff that needs you to concentrate.
  • The remote access system not working is really frustrating!


Overall, I like my job, I like my team and my commute – although at times is rubbish – overall is pretty easy. So I don’t mind going into work. I have a laugh and although there are times where things could be done quicker, I still get my work done on time and to a high standard. So would I work from home on a permanent basis? Not really. Once in a while is lovely, otherwise I’m happy to be part of the rat race.

What about you? Do you work from home? And office? Mixture of both?


Lochs and Glens

MoL Shoot (2 of 8)


For the second year running, the husband and I spent a week in Dunoon – a small coastal town on the shores of the Clyde. The quickest way to Dunoon is by ferry which for me is always exciting – not matter how many times I do it!

This time my family – mum, brother, sister and brother-in-law – joined us and we stayed in Toward (pronounced tollard as I was corrected!) – a small village about 6 miles outside of Dunoon. The setting of the house was not as pretty as last year’s one was but it was a massive house, big enough for six adults to have space and no (well not many) fights.

The husband and I did a few things with the family and a few things on our own. Here are some pictures of my favourite bits:

MoL Shoot (3 of 8)


This picture reminds me of Totoro for some reason!

MoL Shoot (4 of 8)








First up – our hike up Benmore. It was a dreich day but that didn’t stop us and the views from the top were magnificent. I think I love Scotland in the rain more than the sun! However, because of the mild winter the midges were in full flight and I was eaten alive in the two minutes it took me to take off my coat and cardigan and put my coat back on. I had over 100 bites. Little bastards!



MoL Shoot (8 of 8)

MoL Shoot (7 of 8)

MoL Shoot (6 of 8)

MoL Shoot (5 of 8)


Next up – the penultimate day saw down by the shores of Loch Eck – my favourite of all the lochs fact! I’m not sure why. Maybe because its so untouched. Maybe because you can swim in it without fear of drowning, being killed by a motorboat or by Nessie. Anyway, last year it was too cold to get my feet wet but this year I took full advantage.

I didn’t take many other pictures but I’m glad I got these ones. Looks like we’ll be heading back to Scotland next spring with our friends for another adventure. I’m also seriously looking to move up there … one day!


Pinspiration: Look Three

Becky and I have been doing this challenge for three months now, so hopefully you know the drill (but look here if you don’t). It was Becky’s turn to choose this month and she went for this outfit:


source here

Here is my interpretation of it. Before we see the pictures, my photographer is currently in-between cameras (he’s purchasing a new super dooper one which has a waiting list) so you’ll have to make do with some mirror shots – sorry!


IMAG0643 (1)


Trousers – ASOS curve (sold out)

T-shirt – ASOS curve

Blazer – c/o Curvissa

Necklace – Evans

I have worn stripes and florals together with skirts and tops but I had never thought of wearing them as a blazer and trousers. I like it! This will be an outfit I wear in early autumn for sure.

Another bonus of the headless mirror shots – you can’t see my horrific hair! I really need a haircut but can’t quite find the time to go and get it done. It seriously needs it – I’m starting to look like the Hulk!

Don’t forget to go and see how Becky styled the outfit.